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Finding Harmony: My Journey Toward Work-Life Balance as a Single Mom and Professional

Navigating Work-Life Balance as a Single Parent in Leadership

Navigating the tightrope of work-life balance has been an ongoing challenge in my life, especially as a single mom with a strong commitment to keeping my family out of poverty. This commitment, while noble, often came at the cost of being fully present for my children. Reflecting on my journey, I've learned valuable lessons about the importance of prioritizing well-being for both myself and my loved ones. Today, my workplace supports a 32-hour workweek, granting me the precious gift of time to devote to my family and personal development.

The Shift in Priorities:

For years, my life revolved around work and the pursuit of opportunities to help others and further my education, all under the guise of working toward a better future. However, this mindset often meant that my kids and family took a backseat to my professional ambitions. Hindsight has shown me that while striving to avoid poverty, I inadvertently missed out on irreplaceable moments with my family.

Embracing a New Work Model:

The adoption of a 32-hour workweek at my workplace marked a turning point in my quest for balance. This change wasn't just about reducing hours; it symbolized a broader recognition of the need for employees to have dedicated time for family and self-growth. It provided the breathing space I desperately needed to reevaluate my priorities and make a conscious decision to place my family at the center of my life.

Utilizing Time Wisely:

With the additional time afforded by the shorter workweek, I ventured into consulting and want to. continue my education, aligning these pursuits with my passion for helping others. Yet, the crucial difference now lies in my approach. I've learned to view my time as a finite resource that should be allocated wisely, ensuring that my family receives the broader share of my presence and attention.

Family as the Foremost Priority:

Today, I stand firm in my commitment to making my children and family my top priority. This shift in focus has brought clarity to the fact that while work and opportunities for professional growth will always be there, the time to nurture and enjoy my family is fleeting and invaluable.

My journey toward achieving work-life balance has been filled with challenges, lessons, and ultimately, growth. It has taught me the importance of being present for the moments that matter most and has shown me that it's possible to pursue professional ambitions without sacrificing personal well-being and family time. As I continue to navigate this path, I am reminded that balance is not a final destination but a continuous journey of making conscious choices that honor both my personal and professional commitments.

For those of you navigating your work-life balance, especially single parents in leadership roles, know that it's never too late to reassess your priorities and make changes that align with your values and well-being. Share your stories and strategies for finding harmony between professional ambitions and personal life. Together, we can support and inspire each other in our quests for a more balanced and fulfilling life. To be clear, I still fall short, and I have mentors in my life that help me realign. I cannot have my cake and eat it too!

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