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Evolving Forward: My Personal Mission Through Forward Focus Consulting

For all those who admire my blogging and asked me or wondered why I stopped. :)

Bridging Gaps in Workforce Development: The Forward Focus Consulting Journey

Launching Forward Focus Consulting emerged from a deep-seated desire to tackle the systemic gaps and unintended silos within workforce development and human services. Drawing from my extensive experience in the field and personal life challenges, this initiative is more than a professional venture; it's a commitment to effecting change for individuals navigating through poverty, transition, and beyond. Reflecting on the journey so far, the obstacles encountered, and the pivot that's shaping the future of Forward Focus Consulting.

Uncovering the Gaps: The journey began with a clear recognition of the fragmented support systems that often result from well-meaning but siloed service delivery within workforce development. These gaps can leave many individuals—especially those facing compounded challenges like family dynamics, abuse, addiction, or socioeconomic hurdles—without the holistic support they need. My mission with Forward Focus Consulting is to create an integrated support biosphere that creates more opportunities for others championing to address these multifaceted needs.

Driven by Personal Experience: My path has been profoundly shaped by personal experiences of hardship, belonging, and rejection. These experiences have not only fueled my passion for this work but also informed a more empathetic and comprehensive approach to service delivery. It's the understanding that challenges do not discriminate based on family structure or background that drives me to ensure our services are inclusive and impactful.

Navigating Challenges and Pivots: The recent pivot in my journey, prompted by a conflict of interest at my primary job, has been a period of reflection and recalibration. While it temporarily halted my daily blogging, the support and encouragement from my readers have been instrumental in reaffirming my commitment to this cause. As Forward Focus Consulting prepares for its next phase—potentially under a new name—this moment of pause is an opportunity to realign with our core mission and plan for an even greater impact as an LLC.

The story of Forward Focus Consulting is one of passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we aim to serve. Despite the challenges and unexpected turns, the vision remains clear: to bridge the systemic gaps in workforce development and human services, providing a lifeline for those in transition. As we look forward to resuming our regular communications and unveiling the next steps for Forward Focus, I'm excited to continue this journey with you, sharing insights, progress, and the impact of our collective efforts.

Join me as we move forward with the evolution of Forward Focus Consulting. Your support, feedback, and engagement are more crucial than ever as we navigate this pivot together, striving to create lasting change in the fields of human services and workforce development. More to come... Shannon

Forward Focus Consulting: Achieve, Transform, Empower


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