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Navigating Success in Your Career and Organization

Specialize in unlocking full potential.

Welcome to Forward Focus Consulting! I'm thrilled to have you embark on this journey of growth and transformation with us. My passion for starting Forward Focus stems from a deep desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and organizations. Having navigated my own path of overcoming barriers and achieving success, I recognized the immense value of targeted support, guidance, and empowerment in unlocking one's potential. Forward Focus Consulting is my way of providing that support to others—offering personalized coaching, strategic development services, and a nurturing environment designed to ignite potential, inspire change, and achieve lasting success. Our mission is to empower you to navigate your challenges with confidence and clarity, turning aspirations into achievements. Welcome aboard, and let's create a future filled with possibilities together

Take Control of Your Life with Personal Coaching Services

At Forward Focus Consulting, we strive to empower individuals through our personalized coaching services. We offer both personal and professional coaching, giving our clients the tools they need to achieve their goals and transform their lives. Our inclusive programming supports marginalized populations, including returning citizens, veterans, and individuals who may not have access to traditional coaching resources.


Shannon Hassan

Shannon Hassan, the visionary behind Forward Focus Consulting, brings extensive experience of personal achievements and professional expertise to her role. With a career spanning over a decade in workforce development, coupled with significant experience in operational leadership and program management, Shannon has dedicated herself to empowering individuals and organizations. Her journey from overcoming personal barriers to achieving professional success fuels her passion for making a meaningful impact.

What sets Forward Focus Consulting apart is its foundation in real-life experiences and commitment to practical, impactful change. An interesting aspect of our approach is the incorporation of Customer Centric-Human Centered approach into our coaching and consulting practices. This ensures that our strategies are not only effective but also empathetically aligned with the unique needs and aspirations of those we serve.


At Forward Focus, we don't just aim for success; we strive for meaningful transformation and empowerment, making every journey with us a unique and insightful experience.

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Shannon Hassan, Founder

Our Vision

To lead personal and organizational transformation for unlocking full potential and achieving success in professional and personal lives.

Our Services



Experience Growth with Forward Focus

At Forward Focus Consulting, we believe in unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations. As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to empower everyone to reach their full potential, whether it’s in their personal or professional life. We offer personalized coaching services to help individuals discover their strengths and learn how to leverage them for success. .


Discover the Power of Forward Thinking

At Forward Focus Consulting, we are committed to cultivating growth and success in individuals and organizations. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to providing personalized coaching, and workforce development services to empower our clients to achieve their full potential. Our passion lies in helping people and organizations realize and pursue their passions, goals, and aspirations. Book a consultation session with us today!


Navigating Change, Together

Our mission at Forward Focus Consulting is to provide non-profit organizations with the essential tools, resources, and expertise required to effectively navigate the complexities of change management. We are passionate about supporting our clients to excel, and we work closely with our clients to identify areas for growth and development. With our proven track record in operational support and program development, our team is well-equipped to help organizations achieve their change management goals.

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When I lost all hope, Forward Focus Consulting was there for me. Their Career Navigation and Life Coaching guided me to clarity. Forever Greaful!"

Juanita G., WA 

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